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Strategy Consulting

Disruptions are driving uncertainty, and with increased frequency and severity, it is clear that disruptions are here to stay.

In order to survive and thrive, companies must build resilience to worldwide disruptions.

CALX Strategy help clients build their capacity to withstand disruptions and emerge even stronger.

We focus on helping customer make the right decisions, redefine their ambitions and choreograph their transformation journey.

We guide companies to reshape their organizational structure to allow them to adapt to rapid shifts in customer demand, competitive landscape and technological advances.

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CALX Global Partnership

Deep commitment to diversity

Making positive social impact

Corporate Strategy – Setting
the path of your ambitions

During our journey of developing corporate strategies, our team works shoulder to shoulder with clients to:

  • Reshape organization’s ambitions and purpose
  • Define strategic goals and objectives
  • Structure the optimum portfolio of initiatives and its implementation roadmap
  • Build a solid financial model that will validate the feasibility of the strategy
  • Establish the monitoring and control mechanism that will enable the organization to track the progress of the strategy execution
Organization – Reinventing the
way you work

Understanding how the market evolves and changes isn’t easy and knowing how to adapt your business struct accordingly is even harder. Rethinking the correct way an organization performs its day-to-day operations is crucial for success.

Our team can help your organization adopt simple, efficient and more agile way of work by reshaping the below pillars:

  • Leadership, Culture
    and Change
  • Organization Structure
    and Accountabilities
  • Talent Engine
  • Technology
adopt simple, efficient and
more agile way of work

Transformation –
Turning your
strategy into

A transformation represents a large internal & fundamental change within an organization.

It is a change management process, aiming to align people, processes and the technologies of a company with its business strategy and vision.

It involves strategic decisions that affect where you’ll grow, how your organization operates and what kind of performance and improvements you can expect.

However, transformation is hindered by a disconnect between business strategies and the day-to-day activities performed by the company’s staff. Several studies have highlighted that most transformation programs fail and never come to fruition.

Failure of an organization to effectively execute their strategy is a key factor limiting their success, augmenting loss of crucial time and resources spent on strategic planning.

Execution is critical, so why don’t more organizations develop a focused approach for it? The short answer is that it is difficult, turning strategies into reality requires a vigilant eye and continuous investment into management resources.

This is further complicated within large or more complex organizations, where the distance between those who formulate strategy and those who carry it out can be significant.

While transformation is an arduous difficult process, it is not impossible. With the right guidance and mindset, anyone can achieve a flourishing transformation.

Using our CALX Transformation Framework built on decades of international and regional experience, our Business Transformation team has a proven track record of successful organization transformations.

Our Transformation Framework is based on 20 capabilities grouped into 5 function categories:

  • Transformation Methodology
  • Enterprise Environmental Management
  • Resource Management
    and Development
  • Assessment, Assurance,
    Audit and Recovery
  • Strategic and Business Alignment
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CALX Global Partnership

Deep commitment to diversity

Making positive social impact

Winning –
Generating growth
in a continuously
more competitive

Competition is higher than ever. Indeed, according to several surveys, more than 60% of salespersons say that selling is harder or much harder now than it was five years ago.

Digitalization, globalization and even unpredictable events such as pandemics have completely disrupted the way business is won.

Therefore, organization needs to constantly invest in developing and reshaping their sales capabilities to align their organization with the market trends.

However, despite of the fact that most organization understood the vital role of the sales department in the success of their business, they still have difficulties to change the way they win business.

At CALX, we empower clients to enhance and adapt their sales capabilities to satisfy their increasing demand of a higher win rate, better customer centricity, higher profit margins and a bigger deal size.

Our Business Winning team help clients make their business winning processes agile and support them in implementing a sustainable winning culture required to compete and succeed.

Our unique approach consists of providing our clients with:

  • Competency, Capability and Sales Organization Assessments
  • Sales Organization Structure Design
  • Business Winning Framework Development
  • Team Development Program
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services
winning culture required
to compete and succeed

Serving our customers for decades have taught us that the best way to solve their unique and complex challenges is to equip our core team with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Rich with a global network of knowledge professionals covering a wide spectrum of industries, business functions and geographies, CALX engages, when necessary, SMEs that will support our team and our client in solving the toughest challenges.

During our engagement journey, the role of the SME is to provide deep intrinsic knowledge and expertise in specific industries, enhancing our consulting team to develop innovative solutions that will best fulfill the needs and wishers of our clients.

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